Eclectic Cycle

Work in Progress of a Giraffe Drawing

Well, you know that feeling when you are working on something and it just doesn't quite feel finished? I am having that feeling very very strongly with this giraffe. I have always enjoyed the quirky nature of the giraffe's fascinating physique, and wish to do it justice with my art, but I cannot quite figure out what to do next.......yeah, honestly I am not feeling too confident that this art is going to make it to the final round. The eyes are too flat and something about the linework is not there. I will keep trying until all hope is lost!

Exciting news, I made my first sale of a print on Etsy today! I am so happy and excited. I have sold art on Ebay years ago, and it feels so wonderful to know that people will plunk down their hard earned cash to enjoy my work. I am really pleased that there is a venue for artists and artisans on the internet that has received as much notice as Etsy has. I personally have been buying a lot more handmade items lately online and at fairs because it seems so much more supportive of other creators than buying some knickknack at one's local big box store. So thanks for supporting me, everyone!



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