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So What Is R. Moses Working On Next?

Awww, c'mon guys, I just released a whole 75,ooo word book! Yet you say you want more, so since I am ever your humble servant, I shall give you more. Let's see, what is going on?

Well, the launch of A Fury of Angels went smashingly. Already got lots of positive comments/emails/reviews, thank you all so much for your feedback. For the "Last Savior Trilogy," I am working on an omnibus edition for those of you who like to buy one bundle. The omnibus will not have any new material, just the three books. No bonus chapters or interviews or anything! I am sad to see the series done but I am so excited to be working on the next series...

Speaking of, I do have an update on that as well. A few posts back I said I was going to write a young adult series about a carnival. As I was writing the first book, I realized something...

I have a really hard time writing young adult. Much as I love to read it, I find restricting cursing/violence/sexuality too hard. It's just not my style. So I am not diving into young adult books anytime soon. The next series will be under the same pen name of R. Moses. It will still feature a carnival and is fantasy themed. Do you want a sneak peek? Do you?

Okay, you talked me into it. I have to warn you, it is only a second draft so it is not polished and will likely change by the time the first book is published. Here goes!

Untitled Second Draft of the Carnival Book

Mud and blood filled Kara's mouth.

 Kara tucked her knees under and pushed up. She spit out the blood and mud as best as she could.

 Anna's mocking laughter washed over her. She said, “You have been spurned, dear sister.”

 Kara did not respond. Carefully she found her footing in the slimy earth. She stood up and backed away from her half-sister. Her teeth and jaw were throbbing from where Anna had just hit her. But Kara could not hit back or she would be a fugitive, running from the King's Law.

Anna gave her a mean, little smile. She was dressed in green hunting leathers and metal-tipped boots. She was much taller than Kara, even though she was younger, and towered over her as she asked, “Nothing to say?”

 It took every last bit of Kara's self-control to not rush her half-sister or retort back. Anna was their mutual father's heir, a young noble, and enjoyed the full rights and protection that station afforded. If any commoner, sister or no, hurt her they were fair game for the King's Justice.

 Kara was just a recently freed slave with little rights and no kingly defense. If she hurt Anna and was caught as a fugitive running from the King's Justice, the best punishment she could hope for was having the hand she hit a noble with cut off.

 She did not even want to think of the worst punishment.

 Kara backed away a few more feet, towards the woods. She had to leave now. If she did not, she was going to hurt Anna very, very badly. She said with forced calm, “I am leaving now.” Her jaw throbbed with each movement. She edged a little closer to the woods where she had hidden a satchel full of food and spare clothes.

 Anna was not done with her taunts. She said, “Father may have freed you, but you will always have the soul of a slave.”

 Kara's fingers twitched and jerked towards her throwing knife. She forced them to stop. Nothing would make her happier right now than if the knife was buried up to the hilt in Anna's long neck.

...and that's all you get! Hopefully the book will be out next month. Have a great Monday!

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