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The Sitter

Hello, fiends! Thought I would drop a crumb of dark fantasy into your bright and cheery day... illustration done by yours truly...



"The Sitter"

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Elza. She lived in a modern, large, yet sparsely furnished home with her mother and father. Indeed, this tender cherub of a girl thought herself the most royal sort. After all, with the profusion of praise and lavish gifts continually poured about her person, how could she not sit upon the fluorescent pink throne that was her birthright? In her mind, it was the way of things; nothing more, nothing less.

Then, one day, Mother and Father came to Elza with what they called most exciting news. As opposed to hopping from one foot to the other with eyes wide in childish glee, she only tilted her head slightly as she adjusted Bear-bear's tiara and sunglasses. There was nothing to say, as she already knew what her parents were planning.

Earlier that week, Elza overheard her parents discussing an upcoming vacation. This pleased her, in a distant, detached way that young suburban royalty are all too familiar with. Considering herself shrewd as well as royal, inasmuch as her a juvenile experience allowed her to understand shrewdness, she gave no indication that she knew about their plans. She simply sat in her room, awaiting the baubles and toys that were sure to accompany the news. Yes, she could always use new and willing subjects for her court.

As her parents approached the door, they noticed the multicolored hill of plush fuzzies barring the way into their daughter's room. Like sentinels guarding the royal promenade, they peered outward with the lifeless intensity so characteristic of dolls and other button-eyed stitchlings. Pushing aside the teetering pile of plush bodies, the parents entered her domain. A profusion of pink, rosy-colored inanities assaulted their senses as soon as they stepped in.

“Elza?” called her father. “We have some news for you...”

“Okay,” answered Elza.

“Your mother and I have been planning on going on a little vacation. Now it's not going to be too long, but-”

“Where are we going?” Elza interrupted.

“We're-well-it' see,” her father started to falter, at which point her mother interjected.

“You remember how you're always saying you're a big girl? Well, we've decided that you are big enough to get on without us for a few days. It's really going to be a lot of fun, and the sitter that we-”

“I'm not going!? A sitter!?” Elza shot back, face reddening, fuming in her miniature, yet regal, indignation.

Her mother continued on, unperturbed. “Yes, a sitter. She is really very nice and I think you two will get along quite well. And guess what? She's an artist! And she write story books when not sitting! We know how imaginative you are!”

“...Ah, only the best for our little girl,” piped her father, a moment too late, and a shade too weak.

The little queen rounded on her usurpers. “I hate art!”

“Be sweet, Elza. Our flight leaves this evening, and Payge will be here around three, so please be nice, okay?”

Whatever,” huffed Elza.

Well, if you want to find out what happens to our little suburban princess, the path starts...HERE!

Bedtime Tales: Stories for the Wayward and Churlish

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