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Zentangle Unicorn

Hello, fiends! As always, Monday is bringing you fans of dark fantasy a bit of weird, a bite of random, dashed with a little strange sauce.

And today's random weirdness is...drumroll, please...a zentangle unicorn.

I hear the hue and cry raised. WHAT! yell my fans of "The Last Savior Trilogy." Why aren't you writing?! You promised the book would be done in spring! I demand justice! Off with her head!

Relax, guys, relax. Let us keep my humble author head on my shoulders. It is still early spring, after all. Drawing is a part of my writing. People always ask 'how do you write? What is your process?' They think I am going to say I pray to the moon, light four candles to earth, wind, fire, and water, rub my unicorn's hoof for good luck, then dip my quill in ink drawn from a monk's sacred ashes.

Alas, writing is a great deal less mystical than that. I usually start my writing process by doodling. I draw something like the unicorn below and fill it with doodles, commonly called 'zentangle' designs. While I am doodling, I ask myself questions about the book and write a great deal in my head. So that is why I am sharing this unicorn with you! While it may seem silly and random, drawing and thinking about my writing go hand in hand. Some writers sit in front of the computer and just start writing, but that has never worked for me.

So there you go. This is how I start writing. By doodling unicorns and chugging coffee. Mysticism dispelled.

And of course, what everyone really wants to know. How is A Fury of Angels doing? You done yet? I get variations of that email all the time and let me assure you I am writing every day. I am so excited to finish the trilogy so that we all know the fate of Hades, Earth, and of course, our heroine Abira. Well, back to writing!

zentangle unicorn by r. moses

zentangle unicorn by r. moses



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