Eclectic Cycle

Foxy fox in flowers and grass

This little fox design has been with me for years, I just like the thought of a glowing white fox relaxing in the flowered shade. The inspiration for the fox design is strongly influenced by stained glass designs and the flowers are a style I use often that seem to harken back to the 70's. I am posting it for sale on Etsy soon, so keep an eye out. A foxy eye, that is!

In personal day to day news, Mr. Husband has recovered from his wisdom teeth removal at last. He felt awful for over a week and was having a lot of pain. I have been taking care of him and Little Princess, and drawing foxes, so it has definitely been a busy week. I have also been reading a short story collection of halloween stories-in the middle of May-because I love Halloween year round! I want to draw Halloween stuff year round, but people might think that is a little odd. Well, I am an artist, so I guess people expect me to be a little odd, so precedent says I can post Halloween stuff year round for absolutely no reason! Have a fabulous, funky, foxy day everybody!

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