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The Audiobook of ‘Demon Draw’ Has Been Released Into the Wild

Hello, fiends! I have something that may be of interest to you... the audiobook of my longish short story, “Demon Draw.” The voice actor/producer who completed this dramatic rendering is also going to produce A Shadow of Lilies. Check out his website,, if your curious about his work. He layers a wide variety of voices and sound effects to make some creepy demons.

Oh, yeah, added bonus to the audiobooks. I got sweet-talked into doing voice-acting, which I have zero training in. I play the voice of Valena. You really ought to listen to my hick accent, it is hilarious. So if you want to know what my voice sounds like, there you go! I really think I sound awful, but I will leave the final judgment to you...

Of course, I have to give an update on A Fury of Angels. No delays-yet. I hold my breath in anticipation for release at the end of the month. I am working on the second draft still-and nothing has gone wrong! Whoo hoo! No delays, no sickness, no sudden emergencies, nothing has impeded me! So you guys keep sending me happy-waves until I publish the book!

And without further ado, here is “Demon Draw.”

Hear the book on Podiobooks.Com!

Listen on YouTube


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