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Spurned is FINALLY Available at…

Barnes and Noble!!!! If it in itunes bookstore yet, I can't find it! I was beginning to think it would never show up at Barnes and Noble, then bam! there it was! It has already had quite a few downloads, so I hope my 'old' fans are liking it as well as 'new' fans. And of course, remember that with my series, the first taste is ALWAYS FREE! somewhere on the web. Though Amazon insists on charging for the book, everywhere else Spurned is free, including Barnes and Noble. Whoo hoo!

The second book of the "Hither and Nigh Carnival" series is well underway, like the second draft is 2/3 done. I have already gotten a few inquiries as to how many books will be in this series, and I change my mind on that...pretty much every day. Some days I feel like this is a four booker, other days it only feels like three. I am letting the story flow as it will with the hopes that that issue will resolve all by itself via magic. And I'm dying of curiosity about who everyone will love to hate in the new series! Almost everyone disliked Abira in the "Last Savior Trilogy" and loved Baphomet, so I am curious as to your reactions with my new cast of characters...feel free to leave your thoughts in a review, on Goodreads, or here at my humble internet abode.

Well, as usual, enough blathering by me! Here's the BN link:


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