Eclectic Cycle

Weekly Update on A Fury of Angels and a Zentangle Dragon

Hello, fiends. Hope Easter finds your basket full of eggs and your bunny hopping merrily. The only egg I have for your basket is this: I am done with the first draft of A Fury of Angels and halfway through the second draft! Whoo hoo! I have my fingers crossed for an April publish date on the final book in the trilogy. It still needs to go through a total of four drafts and an edit, and that is a lot of work, but I am shooting for the stars here. I ask you, my kindly and faithful fans, to send me happy waves and good luck cheers. Perhaps if we all join together and ask the universe very nicely, she/it/he will deliver the finished book by the end of April!

Just for my little bit of random, I drew a zentangle sea dragon this week while thinking about writing. There is so much stuff to plan, from marketing to cover design, and this little dragon helped me through it all-him and my ever patient husband. Hope you enjoy! (The image uploaded kind of small so please click on to enlarge. The scales are really detailed and you cannot really see unless  he is enlarged, thanks!)


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