Eclectic Cycle

Zentangle Dragon

Oh, yeah, a zentangle dragon this week. Whoo hoo. I thought he was kind of cute, with big round eyes and a lazy smile. Drawing him helped me think as I finished up the second draft of A Fury of Angels. And trust me, there is a lot of fury! I am happy to report I am still on track for a release at the end of this month but you never know what trials await this haggard writer...keep sending those happy-waves-finish-the-trilogy-already-dang-it-vibes!

I also hope to design the new cover for the book. I want more calligraphy in the typography so the final book will look different from the first two. They are going to have cover redos as well so they should all match up soon.

Anyway, enough of my blathering! Here is the dragon...dun dun dunnnnn....


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