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Demon Draw: Part Two

Hello, fiends! In my neck of the woods, it is a dreary bleary Monday. Good news for fans of "The Last Savior Trilogy" because I have nothing else to do but write A Fury of Angels today (besides blogging, laundry, dishes, entertaining a three year old princess, paying bills, cooking supper-other than those trifling matters!). I hope your day is filled with sunshine and song instead of grey skies and a sudden cold snap.

For those of you who read the first excerpt from my longish short "Demon Draw" here is the second excerpt. Friendly reminder that this is a story for adults. It is violent and has adult scenes. If you are under eighteen, stop reading now. If you are over eighteen and like dark fantasy about demons, enjoy!

"Demon Draw: Part Two"

He towered over the end of the bed, completely nude, beautiful and hideous, alien and unnatural. His features were perfect, but his gaze was mad. He spread his huge fingers and began to pull the cover off, slowly unsheathing his prize.

As the cover slid down, she swore again that this was the very last time. The very last. She would find a different way to earn her living, another cloak with which to hide her shame. But as she tensed herself to act, she knew that the path through the incubus was the only way forward. There was no other path for an old whore like her.

Now that his prey was uncovered, the incubus used his bone-white knee to nudge her ankles apart. He did not try to glamor her with his fathomless gaze, so she knew that this one must like a fight. Most demons did—a lesson she had learned from painful experience.

Her heart hammering so hard that she thought it would explode, Valena kicked out with her bare foot and connected with his rock-hard thigh. The incubus laughed low in his throat, and swatted her leg away as he moved forward again. His laughter sounded like gravel thudding into an abyss.

Holding a scream back, Valena fumbled the stopper out of the vial and threw the blessed waters in his face, hoping to hear his unearthly scream as the waters scorched him.

The water dripped down his chin and onto her bare thigh—and did nothing. Valena swore under her breath, her anger overshadowing her terror for a moment. The priest who had blessed the holy water must not have believed. Or they had sent her out with weak defenses on purpose...

The incubus bared his teeth at her, and she saw a pronounced stirring at the juncture of his thighs.

Water dripped on her belly as he moved forward. She spat out her next defense. “By the Lord's will, I command you—”

His heavy hand slammed across her face and she tumbled sideways, feeling something crack in her jaw. Through the red haze of pain, she felt his influence subtly working its way under her skin and into her groin.

As blood coated her teeth, a deep thrill emerged in her aching breast. She felt a need to be conquered. A need to be filled. Valena found herself weakening to his influence, allowing herself to be rolled over with ease, watching her betraying knees part.

His greedy gaze lingered in the flickering candlelight. He grabbed her hurting jaw, forcing her eyes to meet his. She was being pulled into his world of dark desires and pulsating need, her loins on fire, her fingers loosening, the knife slipping from her fingers—

A buried animal instinct, a flash of her beloved's face, some good thing, some force of right and light made her will break from his. She tightened her fingers around the worn handle of the sacred knife and thrust it upward. The obsidian blade slipped between his ribs and she twisted, her wrist weak, her inner voice screaming work—please work—I have no other defense—banish the demon—WORK—

And that is all you get! If you want to read the rest of the tale, here are the links:

Barnes & Nobles


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Podiobooks Vs. Audiobooks for The Last Savior Trilogy

Dilemmas, dilemmas. I have run into what can best be described as a 'grey legal matter' with the production of the audiobook of "The Last Savior Trilogy." Let me explain lest there is any confusion. I would very much like to have an audiobook through all the major distribution channels. BUT-and to me, this is  a huge BUT- I cannot set the price. The distribution company has the final say on that matter. One of the many joys of being an indie writer is the right to set the price of your work. Based on their calculations, I am thinking that to purchase the entire trilogy as audiobooks could cost anywhere from $24-74 depending on format.

Yeah, no. Heck no! Heck no with fudge sauce and a cherry on top! If I could set the price, I would have the first audiobook free since anyone kind enough to give up their spare time to check out my work should get a no-obligation audiobook. And the subsequent audiobooks? $7.95 apiece for a grand total of $15.90 for the digital file. So as you can see, I am at extreme odds with the pricing structure of the major distributors.

But wait, all is not yet lost! I am currently working with a voice actor to produce podiobooks. They are a little different because they are episodic instead of one long production. Each chapter will be an episode. And this is the awesome part-they work on a donation method. You can donate as little or as much as you want. The podio episodes are free to download, and you make a donation if you are happy with the content. You set the price, which is better to me than some giant corporation telling me how much to charge my awesome fans. The site is and you will see my work up there soon. The short story I wrote, "Demon Draw" is in production and should be released by the end of the month. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot! Another cool thing about podiobooks are the sound effects and music. Traditional audiobooks do not have such sweet upgrades.

So, yeah, this is my tiny resistance against the powers that be. I refuse to be told how much to charge for my work under a seven year contract-and that is the most lenient contract I could find. I really have my fingers crossed that A Shadow of Lilies will be in podio by the end of May 2013. They do take a lot of technical expertise, professional voicework, and time to produce, but I think we will all find it worth it...

Oh, and how could I forget to mention this? I am still writing A Fury of Angels every day, so it should have a spring release as planned. Thank you for your patience, my dark fantasy fiends!

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Demon Draw

Hello fiends! As always, I will first reassure you that I am busy writing A Fury of Angels every single day. Even Saturday and Sunday so you can get it in your hot little hands soon.

But I have also been a busy bee with other projects. I just published the longish short story “Demon Draw.” Its about-you guessed it, you clever reader, you-demons! I know, shocking and scandalous. Well, it is actually about demons, prostitutes, and the church, so I guess that is a kind of scandalous...

Anyway, here is a 500 word sample. The entire piece is pushing 8,000 words, so it is the longest a short story can be before it becomes a novelette. Look at me, always pushing the edge...


As Valena feigned sleep in a stranger's bed, she swore that this was the last time she would draw a demon. The incubus she was drawing haunted one of the most respected ladies in the inner quarter, and Valena had been sent by the church to finish it off.

That is, of course, if it did not get her first.

Her muscles were tense and trembling, every one of her nerves wound tight. Demon drawing was finicky business, and the stupid old biddy who had summoned the incubus had realized too late that bringing a demon from the pit was not worth the fleeting carnal thrill. When one dealt with demons, shivers of thrill quickly became squeals of animal terror.

Valena shook, lying under covers that smelled faintly of lemons and age, preparing to risk her life to bind yet another incubus. As she fingered her vial of holy water, she cursed the idiots who had summoned this plague of fiends by opening the way to Hell. She rubbed her other palm against the worn handle of the sacred knife, reassuring herself that it was still there, sharp and deadly, the only lasting defense against an otherworldly attack. She searched both holy items for a tickle of divinity, but found nothing. She reached under the bed and rooted in her satchel, finding the hard and reassuring edge of the binding collar that was hidden there.

A whisper swept over her, and a nervous energy began to strain around the edges of the room, between overstuffed chairs and venerable family portraits. Sweat bloomed under her hairline and a nervous clamp clutched her belly.

If this job had not paid so ridiculously well, she would have bolted at that first whisper. But a greater terror than the fear she harbored for the demon kept her lying there, under the weight of the covers.

So she stayed, trying to prepare herself for the attack.

Then there came a smell—it was of something that was like burning cork, but not quite. It had an edge of rancid decay, of carrion under the baking sun. She clutched the vial reflexively, and braced herself as a discordant crackling assaulted her ears. Sparks and shoots of light burst before her. The air grew stale and chill. Her toes curled, and she stopped breathing.

The outline of the demon's shoulders blazed in the dimly lit room. Valena gulped. This was going to be a big one. The priest had warned her that this was an especially powerful incubus, seductive and beautiful even to one with tastes like Valena’s. The beautiful demons were far harder to resist than the gnarled ones with bulging eyes and needle teeth. Something old and seductive shimmered before her, rising from the thick dark, a shadow in the shape of an alluring nightmare. Such was the contradictory nature of demons.

Then he was there, right there, the single candle by the bed revealing black eyes and gleaming teeth, maggoty skin and white hair...

Here are the links to the rest of the story-if you dare!

Read the rest of Demon Draw at:
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