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Spurned (The Hither and Nigh Carnival Series) is Halfway Published

...because one of my publishers is lightning fast, and one is so, so slow. The book is available for FREE (whoo hoo) on Smashwords and at Amazon it is $3.99 (I would set it free there, but it is at Amazon's discretion, not mine). But for my fans at Barnes and Noble, Sony, Kobo, and Apple, the book is still not in those shops. It could go through three hours from now...or three weeks. Sorry about the wait!

Here's the blurb, cover and links:

Kara has one burning desire. To free her mother from slavery. But after Kara's father spurns her from his estate, brutally thrusting her into a world rife with creeping evil and dark magic, she must find a new home for safety. And she does.

At a traveling carnival, where the only work she can get is as a pickpocket, luring crowds into shows and then stealing from them. But under the bright lights and gaudy masks hide dangers far worse than Kara ever thought possible. How will she free her mother and keep herself alive?

Spurned is the first book in 'The Hither and Nigh Carnival' series.




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