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Zentangle Quail

This might be the most fanciful quail you have ever seen! I had a lot of fun doodling her while writing this week. Ready? Here she is:quail


Okay, now that the random doodle of the week is out of the way, let us move onto news regarding my writing. Remember how I said there was some sweet audiobookage heading your way this month? Man, it is not happening, not this month and probably not next month either. While my publishing schedule is not too far behind (more on that in a sec) the audio stuff is waaayyyy behind. Sorry, guys, but there was some poor scheduling on my part. It's a shame, too, because Keplar (my audio/tech superstar) had a soundtrack already written for A Shadow of Lilies


Now, my next book, which was promised at the end of this month, is experiencing some minor delays, which you guys who are older fans knew was coming. I try so hard to keep a production schedule up, but my three year old has other plans (that's right, I, a grown woman, am blaming my poor scheduling on a teeny tiny adorable little girl). It's nothing horrible, but between life getting in the way and general summertime craziness, early July is looking a little more likely. Sorry yet again! I am really excited to hear what my fans think of the book, and every day that publishing is delayed is another day I will not get your thoughts back on the book.

So what else is going on? Hmmm, I have been getting more questions from fans who are aspiring authors, and I have been giving very, very general advice on how to get started via Heinlein's rules of writing. The last rule of his is simply this: You must put your story on the market. Back when he was writing, that meant submitting your work over and over again to different publishers. From what he claimed, the day he got a rejection of one of his stories, he would send it right back out to another potential publisher. Now, if you are interested in traditional publishing, this is pretty much still good advice.

However, if you have been consulting at the oracle of 'R. Moses' for a glimpse of your author future, you know I am indie published and plan to stay that way unless a publisher backs up a truck full of money and unloads those bales of greenbacks into my secret vault.

Yeah, don't see that happening anytime soon.

So, how does Heinlein's classic advice work in the modern world of indie publishing? It works brilliantly! One of the most beautiful aspects of independent publishing is that once you put your ebook on the market, it stays there unless you remove it (or if you have a dispute with your distributor and they remove it, a common occurrence with erotic works especially, though anyone can be bitten by this snake). And if you take the extra step and have your book signed up for print on demand distribution, then your fans can order paperbacks of your work and the book is not printed until they order it. Whoo hoo! So, yeah, once you submit it to the market, you can move on...hopefully to your next bit of writing. Keeping your work on the market is pretty vital to getting sales, and that aspect of writing is so much easier than it was in Heinlein's day.

So good luck, keep writing, keep reading, and have a great week!


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Release of ‘The Last Savior Trilogy’ Omnibus

The Last Savior Omnibus


Barnes & Noble

Awww, yeah. Here it is, the super sexy omnibus edition! I love the cover, it is all gritty and dark, isn't it?! As I mentioned in a previous post, there is no 'bonus' material within, no extra chapters or author interviews or anything like that. If you already have A Shadow of LiliesA Binding of Demons, and A Fury of Angels, then you are not missing out on anything. This is just one compact package for those who like to buy one edition. The whole series clocks in at a little over 225,000 words, which was more than I thought it would be.

Now, on to other subjects! Still working on the next book, all is well there. No surprises, shocks, delays, or computer failure so far, so hopefully it will be released in June as promised.

Another thing I would like to address in this post is the question I (and other authors) get the most from friends/fans/family (the three awesome f words!). And that question is...

I want to be an author! How do you do it? (Alternate versions include "What is your advice for new authors?")

If this question is asked in person, the person sits back and looks at me like there is one simple, easy answer.

There isn't!

So many authors have been asked this question and have answered, so I do not feel I am contributing any new information/advice. This is just what has worked for me, and since you guys ask me personally, I will try to give my own take on the process. The most classic, overused, yet truest advice is the most obvious:

You must write. Every day if you can.

Well, duh. Of course you have to write to be a writer. But this is often what happens to aspiring new writers: They talk about writing. They join writer's groups. They plot out story. If into fantasy, they draw maps. Many illustrate the characters. They think about writing constantly, doodling notes all the while.

Notice how little actual writing is going on. To be a writer, you must write. And you must write knowing that what you are writing will most likely be scrapped for a better draft later on. You must write knowing that your first book/short story/novella have the odds greatly stacked against it being a best seller-if that is even your goal.

And that brings me to the second aspect of writing. What is your goal? Only you can answer that one. Maybe you just want to write a memoir for friends and family. Maybe you want advice on how your poetry is progressing. Maybe you want to be a best seller and fill up a swimming pool with your sweet, sweet cash. How you write, what you write, how often you write, depends on a clear and concise goal that only you can set.

So that's how I did it. I plotted, then I wrote, then I rewrote (I usually go through about five drafts). I scrapped the first two novels I wrote because they sucked really, really bad. That is normal. I hated to trash them because I put so much love in them. But I knew I had to be better. I have to be better every day to make even a modest living as an author. I want to be as good a writer as I can because my readers deserve that. Your time is valuable. Your money is valuable. It is my job as an author to give you the best I am able! I think that is my personal goal. I hope I didn't fail!

So that is part one of how to be an author. Stay tuned for part two!

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So What Is R. Moses Working On Next?

Awww, c'mon guys, I just released a whole 75,ooo word book! Yet you say you want more, so since I am ever your humble servant, I shall give you more. Let's see, what is going on?

Well, the launch of A Fury of Angels went smashingly. Already got lots of positive comments/emails/reviews, thank you all so much for your feedback. For the "Last Savior Trilogy," I am working on an omnibus edition for those of you who like to buy one bundle. The omnibus will not have any new material, just the three books. No bonus chapters or interviews or anything! I am sad to see the series done but I am so excited to be working on the next series...

Speaking of, I do have an update on that as well. A few posts back I said I was going to write a young adult series about a carnival. As I was writing the first book, I realized something...

I have a really hard time writing young adult. Much as I love to read it, I find restricting cursing/violence/sexuality too hard. It's just not my style. So I am not diving into young adult books anytime soon. The next series will be under the same pen name of R. Moses. It will still feature a carnival and is fantasy themed. Do you want a sneak peek? Do you?

Okay, you talked me into it. I have to warn you, it is only a second draft so it is not polished and will likely change by the time the first book is published. Here goes!

Untitled Second Draft of the Carnival Book

Mud and blood filled Kara's mouth.

 Kara tucked her knees under and pushed up. She spit out the blood and mud as best as she could.

 Anna's mocking laughter washed over her. She said, “You have been spurned, dear sister.”

 Kara did not respond. Carefully she found her footing in the slimy earth. She stood up and backed away from her half-sister. Her teeth and jaw were throbbing from where Anna had just hit her. But Kara could not hit back or she would be a fugitive, running from the King's Law.

Anna gave her a mean, little smile. She was dressed in green hunting leathers and metal-tipped boots. She was much taller than Kara, even though she was younger, and towered over her as she asked, “Nothing to say?”

 It took every last bit of Kara's self-control to not rush her half-sister or retort back. Anna was their mutual father's heir, a young noble, and enjoyed the full rights and protection that station afforded. If any commoner, sister or no, hurt her they were fair game for the King's Justice.

 Kara was just a recently freed slave with little rights and no kingly defense. If she hurt Anna and was caught as a fugitive running from the King's Justice, the best punishment she could hope for was having the hand she hit a noble with cut off.

 She did not even want to think of the worst punishment.

 Kara backed away a few more feet, towards the woods. She had to leave now. If she did not, she was going to hurt Anna very, very badly. She said with forced calm, “I am leaving now.” Her jaw throbbed with each movement. She edged a little closer to the woods where she had hidden a satchel full of food and spare clothes.

 Anna was not done with her taunts. She said, “Father may have freed you, but you will always have the soul of a slave.”

 Kara's fingers twitched and jerked towards her throwing knife. She forced them to stop. Nothing would make her happier right now than if the knife was buried up to the hilt in Anna's long neck.

...and that's all you get! Hopefully the book will be out next month. Have a great Monday!

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The Audiobook of ‘Demon Draw’ Has Been Released Into the Wild

Hello, fiends! I have something that may be of interest to you... the audiobook of my longish short story, “Demon Draw.” The voice actor/producer who completed this dramatic rendering is also going to produce A Shadow of Lilies. Check out his website,, if your curious about his work. He layers a wide variety of voices and sound effects to make some creepy demons.

Oh, yeah, added bonus to the audiobooks. I got sweet-talked into doing voice-acting, which I have zero training in. I play the voice of Valena. You really ought to listen to my hick accent, it is hilarious. So if you want to know what my voice sounds like, there you go! I really think I sound awful, but I will leave the final judgment to you...

Of course, I have to give an update on A Fury of Angels. No delays-yet. I hold my breath in anticipation for release at the end of the month. I am working on the second draft still-and nothing has gone wrong! Whoo hoo! No delays, no sickness, no sudden emergencies, nothing has impeded me! So you guys keep sending me happy-waves until I publish the book!

And without further ado, here is “Demon Draw.”

Hear the book on Podiobooks.Com!

Listen on YouTube


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Podiobooks Vs. Audiobooks for The Last Savior Trilogy

Dilemmas, dilemmas. I have run into what can best be described as a 'grey legal matter' with the production of the audiobook of "The Last Savior Trilogy." Let me explain lest there is any confusion. I would very much like to have an audiobook through all the major distribution channels. BUT-and to me, this is  a huge BUT- I cannot set the price. The distribution company has the final say on that matter. One of the many joys of being an indie writer is the right to set the price of your work. Based on their calculations, I am thinking that to purchase the entire trilogy as audiobooks could cost anywhere from $24-74 depending on format.

Yeah, no. Heck no! Heck no with fudge sauce and a cherry on top! If I could set the price, I would have the first audiobook free since anyone kind enough to give up their spare time to check out my work should get a no-obligation audiobook. And the subsequent audiobooks? $7.95 apiece for a grand total of $15.90 for the digital file. So as you can see, I am at extreme odds with the pricing structure of the major distributors.

But wait, all is not yet lost! I am currently working with a voice actor to produce podiobooks. They are a little different because they are episodic instead of one long production. Each chapter will be an episode. And this is the awesome part-they work on a donation method. You can donate as little or as much as you want. The podio episodes are free to download, and you make a donation if you are happy with the content. You set the price, which is better to me than some giant corporation telling me how much to charge my awesome fans. The site is and you will see my work up there soon. The short story I wrote, "Demon Draw" is in production and should be released by the end of the month. Oh, yeah, I almost forgot! Another cool thing about podiobooks are the sound effects and music. Traditional audiobooks do not have such sweet upgrades.

So, yeah, this is my tiny resistance against the powers that be. I refuse to be told how much to charge for my work under a seven year contract-and that is the most lenient contract I could find. I really have my fingers crossed that A Shadow of Lilies will be in podio by the end of May 2013. They do take a lot of technical expertise, professional voicework, and time to produce, but I think we will all find it worth it...

Oh, and how could I forget to mention this? I am still writing A Fury of Angels every day, so it should have a spring release as planned. Thank you for your patience, my dark fantasy fiends!

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