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Release of ‘The Last Savior Trilogy’ Omnibus

The Last Savior Omnibus


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Awww, yeah. Here it is, the super sexy omnibus edition! I love the cover, it is all gritty and dark, isn't it?! As I mentioned in a previous post, there is no 'bonus' material within, no extra chapters or author interviews or anything like that. If you already have A Shadow of LiliesA Binding of Demons, and A Fury of Angels, then you are not missing out on anything. This is just one compact package for those who like to buy one edition. The whole series clocks in at a little over 225,000 words, which was more than I thought it would be.

Now, on to other subjects! Still working on the next book, all is well there. No surprises, shocks, delays, or computer failure so far, so hopefully it will be released in June as promised.

Another thing I would like to address in this post is the question I (and other authors) get the most from friends/fans/family (the three awesome f words!). And that question is...

I want to be an author! How do you do it? (Alternate versions include "What is your advice for new authors?")

If this question is asked in person, the person sits back and looks at me like there is one simple, easy answer.

There isn't!

So many authors have been asked this question and have answered, so I do not feel I am contributing any new information/advice. This is just what has worked for me, and since you guys ask me personally, I will try to give my own take on the process. The most classic, overused, yet truest advice is the most obvious:

You must write. Every day if you can.

Well, duh. Of course you have to write to be a writer. But this is often what happens to aspiring new writers: They talk about writing. They join writer's groups. They plot out story. If into fantasy, they draw maps. Many illustrate the characters. They think about writing constantly, doodling notes all the while.

Notice how little actual writing is going on. To be a writer, you must write. And you must write knowing that what you are writing will most likely be scrapped for a better draft later on. You must write knowing that your first book/short story/novella have the odds greatly stacked against it being a best seller-if that is even your goal.

And that brings me to the second aspect of writing. What is your goal? Only you can answer that one. Maybe you just want to write a memoir for friends and family. Maybe you want advice on how your poetry is progressing. Maybe you want to be a best seller and fill up a swimming pool with your sweet, sweet cash. How you write, what you write, how often you write, depends on a clear and concise goal that only you can set.

So that's how I did it. I plotted, then I wrote, then I rewrote (I usually go through about five drafts). I scrapped the first two novels I wrote because they sucked really, really bad. That is normal. I hated to trash them because I put so much love in them. But I knew I had to be better. I have to be better every day to make even a modest living as an author. I want to be as good a writer as I can because my readers deserve that. Your time is valuable. Your money is valuable. It is my job as an author to give you the best I am able! I think that is my personal goal. I hope I didn't fail!

So that is part one of how to be an author. Stay tuned for part two!

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A Binding of Demons…

...has bound its dark little way to my editor and beta readers. Thank you all so much for your patience once again! I know I did not deliver as quickly as hoped, but now that the manuscript is finished and just needs fine tuning, we can all breathe a sigh of relief. At least I hope we can!

The cover art is about halfway finished. I am sort of torn on how graphic to make the illustration. Too much blood might freak people out a little bit!

And now it is time for answer fan questions!

How many books are going to be in the series?

Oh, how I wish I had a simple answer to such a simple question! I intended for the series to be a trilogy, but as the story expands and new characters are added, I am debating making it four books. Now any self-respecting fantasy fan knows this is a recipe for disaster. Every time an author decides to add just one more book, you have no end in sight. Think Wheel of Time. Or the series just starts to stretch on too long and loses its original happy sparkles.

I don't want to lose my happy sparkles, folks!

Will there be a print version of the book coming out? I want to share this book with my aunt/best friend/local witchdoctor/pet goldfish but they don't have an ereader!

Having a omnibus in print is one of my major goals next year. I have also been asked about audiobooks, and I am very interested in creating audiobooks as well. I am starting to see more international interest in the series as well, and translations into multiple languages is a distinct possibility.

I love Baphomet! Can he be at least partially undressed in more scenes? Please? Or you could add illustrations!

Oh, ladies (and a few gentlemen), how wicked thou art. I don't know how many scenes he can be undressed in before the book gets banned in several countries. Let's push the limit, shall we?

Seriously, though, I am starting to sketch out drawings for the series. I think Baphomet would look lovely in a charcoal wash.

Who inspires you to write such morbid books? 

This is probably my most frequently asked question. I grew up in the backwoods south, where weird, dark, morbid, scary, gross folklore is celebrated with a swing of moonshine. You trying living off a dirt road beside a graveyard when you are a rosy cheeked tot and see if doesn't influence you! The soft hooting of owls to usher in the winking moon, the thrash of vengeful spirits against your window...

Such was the lullaby a little country girl heard every night. And this little socially awkward girl stuck her nose in scary books whenever she could. Pile on about twenty years of this behavior and you have the terrible glory that is my festering imagination.

Hope that answers your questions! Next post will be sharing publishing dates...



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