Eclectic Cycle

Oh, yes, and what a deer you are

My latest, most glorious masterpiece that I am sure MOMA will want to display in their hallowed halls of art greatness is a little deer. A fawn, if you please. All bright eyed and blinky and curious about the world. I am thinking that perhaps this piece is a little more geared to tots. I really enjoy drawing things for children as they are a very appreciative audience. I had a little cousin that passed away in a car wreck, she was so young, only 22, and it breaks your heart to think of it. She loved when I drew her little things when we I was a teenager babysitting her. Even though my art still had a long way to go, she always really liked anything I drew for her because it was just for her. Ever since then, I thought a great deal about having a lot of my work being whimsical illustrative type work for children. I even went to college for illustration, not that I listened to my professors at the time, even if I should have!

I am hoping to post more information this week as this weekend was beyond busy and hectic. Family emergencies tend to distract one away from the studio. Oh, and how could I forget...hope you enjoyed your mother's day!

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