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Next Projects in Writing

Well, guys, sorry I missed last Monday's mediocre blog update. Blame it on October nearing. I always get a special kind of kooky as fall approaches. As for writing updates, working on two different projects, some of which I hope to publish in December. For my 'dark fantasy' and 'horror' fans, I am working on quite a few horror shorts that I hope you will enjoy. I have some semi-big plans for these short horror stories. You want to know what my plans are? You do? Awesome! Here's the plan (of which, knowing my history, half will fall apart before it even gets to production and half will be delayed):

1. Publish horror short stories as ebooks. Duh.

2. Compile into an anthology and publish that (duh again).

3. This is where it gets exciting! I have a voice actor lined up ( the same one who did Demon Draw) to read the stories.

4. Publish audio stories on podiobooks and video channels.

5. Profit!

Yep, that's the plan. For those of you still curious about the shorts, I will give one further clue: they are mostly what is commonly called 'quiet horror.' Shirley Jackson's House on Haunted Hill is a great example of a quiet horror novel. A good example of a quiet horror short story would be The Great God Pan by Arthur Machen. Less gore. More ghosts and the unexplained. H.P. Lovecraft also wrote a fair bit of quiet horror as well.

As for the elf romance, it's still chugging along too!

That's all I got, folks! Have a great day!

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