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A Fury of Angels: Update

Well, the update is I am still on track for early May publishing of A Fury of Angels. No delays! Whoo hoo! We are designing the cover today; fingers crossed that it will rock!

So what else is new? One big thing I am thinking of is my next series, and I have gotten several questions about what I am writing next. I do  believe I will take up a new pen name and write a young adult fantasy series. I like the fast pace and themes of young adult, and I feel those components fit well with the themes. I already have the first 8,000 words or so written out of the series. Here's a fun little hint: the setting is a carnival. Carnivals are all bright lights and dark corners, and of course, you all know I am going to explore the dark corners! There is going to be ghosts and evil carnies! It does NOT get better than that!

The last little bit of news I have is that I finally updated my "About Me" page. I sort of compiled all the most popular fan questions I get and smushed them together. There is a picture of me added too if you REALLY want to know what I look like. So go check out the "About Me" page if you want to know more about me. If you do not want to know more about me, I understand completely. I am the most boring person I know!

Well, back to working sixteen hour days until A Fury of Angels is published! Cheers!


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