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My Paranormal Journal: Volume Two is Published!

Whoo hoo. Always feels good to get another round of writing out there for my fans. You can find My Parnormal Journal: Volume Two at multiple retailers right freaking now! Here's a picture and a linky link to the great and powerful 'zon:


Also I would like to make a special note for those of you who buy through B and N, (link) that the cover image is not showing up on the preview page for some odd reason. Trying to fix that but we can't figure out why the image isn't showing up. Sorry, guys!

Well, back to writing stuff. Have an awesome Monday, guys!


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My Paranormal Journal: Volume One is Published Amazon and pending at all the other outlets. Without further ado, here is the link to my first nonfiction baby:


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Update on Writing Projects

I've been writing a lot lately and hoping to get it all published soon. Because I am ridiculously optimistic, I am actually writing two things at once.

I can hear your collective groan, guys. I know, I know,  I'm bad about not finishing stuff. But this time I think I'm going to finish both!


Remember the elf romance I mentioned in a previous post? I finished the first draft of that and am starting on the second draft. I got high hopes for that one and I am crossing my fingers for a late December release on it.

And if you go waaayyyyy back in my blog posts, you will remember that I was writing a journal of my real life ghost hunting experiences. I am on draft three of that...AND HOPE TO PUBLISH NEXT MONTH!!!

Whoo hoo. Big deal, right? I actually think the ghost hunting journal is near and dear to my heart for a bunch of different reasons.  For one, I love to talk about myself, like most people. However, I am quick to acknowledge that most of my life has been pretty dull. The second reason I love this project is because my friends have been egging me on for years to write stories from my paranormal events journal in an ebook. I am humbled that they think my story is interesting enough to tell. I mean, no one has ever suggested, "Hey, You! Moses! Yeah, I'm talking to you! Why don't you write about that incident at the grocery store the other day? Where you bought groceries, were checked out by a mildly surly cashier, loaded the groceries up in your fuel efficient car, and drove home!"

Oddly enough, no one has ever asked for an account of my grocery shopping habits. Can't imagine why! The third and final reason this project has me all excited is that this ebook will be the first piece of nonfiction I have ever written in that format and length. In many ways, it was easier to write than my fiction because I didn't have to make any paranormal events up. Combine these factors with the fall season/Halloween looming, and I am as happy as can be.

Well, that is about it. Hope you lovelies have a gorgeous week!

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Owl Always Love To Craft


So you are probably wondering what is in the box. I don't know if I should show you. I just am not sure if you can handle the awesome. Do you think you can handle it?
You can? Good, good. Owl show you now...


That's right, I got all kinds of
crafty this week. Take a gross old thrift store box, throw some cut paper in there and boom! Nighty Night Owl!

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This is Why I Can’t Get Any Writing Done Y’all

So I'm going to blame my procrastination on the sheer, raw power of four year old cuteness. See, I have this little girl, the aforementioned four year old. And she is convincing like a 1950's era used car salesman. She could sell sand to a desert lizard and make him feel like he got a bargain. Seriously, anyone with the wee ones know how persuasive they can be.

And my little girl doesn't care about me writing. Oh, no. Forget that. She wants to paint.


And she doesn't want to just paint by herself. Nope. She needs Mama.


So when I was supposed to be writing, this is the conversation I had and the resulting crazy artwork.

Mama: You want to paint so I can get some writing done?

Wee One: Yes!!! I do want to paint. I do, I do!!! Will you come paint with me, Mama?

(she then pulls out my chair at the art table and gives me the angelic head tilt smile. Heart melting, it is.)

Mama: You are so sweet! But I have to work.

The Wee One's head slowly lowers and she sighs, then looks up with wide eyes. Her trembling lips open and she whispers: Please, Mama? Can you paint me a monster with a monster house?

I sigh along with her and completely cave in, as I am known for doing. How can you say no to the trembling lips? And a request for a monster with a monster house?

So here is the resulting fun-silly-weird artwork per my four year old's request. She wanted a monster house with sixteen windows, three doors, made of sticks, with berry bushes all around and she wanted two monsters. Oh, and the monster house was being rained on with icky blue monster blood.


So there you have it, my faithful fans. The monsters reign supreme in my house, not the writing!




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Addicted to the Alphas: Part Four is….


And the fourth and final installment is for sale here at the great and mighty 'zon (link) and hopefully elsewhere soon too (thanks for your continuing patience, my good friends that shop at all the other publishing outlets. We're still in the 'distribution' stage, ugh!)


Whew. It was quite a wild ride writing that one. You guys who are already fans know I have always done 'swords and sorcery' or 'dark-nearly-horror' fantasy, and Addicted to the Alphas was quite a switch up for me. It is urban/contemporary paranormal romance, and while still fantasy, it is such a different facet of the genre as to nearly be a whole 'nother genre. I'm really glad I wrote it because it was fun as heck (trying to keep the blog family friendly, guys, even if my books are NSFW!) and it was a real challenge, something I think creative types need. If I start getting bored because I am getting in a rut writing or art wise, it tends to stop production cold turkey.


Anywho, enough about me. Have a great day, guys!

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Addicted to the Alphas: Part Three out! Whoo Hoo! You can buy it here (link) and here is a purty picture of the cover:


In other writing 'news' I think I should share that I have finished writing the 'Addicted to the Alphas' serial, but it is still in editing, so I am trying to meet my deadlines still-mostly. Kind of. So for you guys who know I totally dropped the ball on the 'Hither and Nigh Carnival' series, know that I didn't drop the ball this time! I said I wanted the whole thing published on August 2 or 3rd, and while those deadlines are doubtful, it should not be much later than that.

Oh, and how could I forget this? While I am waiting for the editing to wrap up on my werewolf drama goodness, I have been writing an epic fantasy elf romance. Oh, yeah, you heard that right. Elf romance. And we all know the elves people love, but they are copyrighted-sorry, ladies and gentlemen! No Legolas or Drizz't! This one is named Dynair, and I hope you like him just as much as you did the aforementioned elves.

In other art news, eh, not much going. The unicorn fawn drawing is not done due to my general slackness. So for you guys looking for the fantasy artworks, your ongoing patience is appreciated. I've been writing more than arting lately (if arting isn't a word, I just made it one) and I am still trying to find balance between my two lurvs.

So, in conclusion, keep those collective eyes peeled for the fourth and final installment of 'Addicted to the Alphas' by R. Moses!

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Addicted to the Alphas: Part Two is Published just Amazon (link) right now. Still pending publication on the first at other retailers, sorry, guys! Here's the cover and the link:


In other, less glamorous news, I am still working on the unicorn fawn drawing. I took an awful, underlit, out of focus picture of it. Try not to be TOO wowed! I keep saying I will finish it, and I totally day.

unicorn illustration

Well, back to writing! The goal is (and this is a lofty goal with me, I know) to have the fourth and final installment of Addicted to the Alphas published by August 3rd. I know, I know, I can hear the collective internet groan...and I totally deserve it, guys. I truly do. But I've got to finish what I start, right? Right!


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Addicted to the Alphas: Part One is Published

...on Amazon (link) at least! The other retailers are still pending publication, being all pokey and what not. They clearly are underestimating the importance of getting werewolf romance asap to their customers. Sheesh. You'd think they would know!

Addicted to the Alphas

And in other news, I drew an owl. Big surprise, right-another owl? The title of this stunningly original, avante garde piece is:


OWL Thank You Not to Disturb Tea Time


Or...Or! I could do an edgy close up like this and title it:

 WHOOO Are You to Disturb Tea Time?


Don't groan too hard at the bad puns in the titles. It might be funny at midnight and you get a teeny, tiny chuckle from it. Okay, probably not, but you know, I tried! I will also try to get the polished piece up in my shop soon.

And also for my art fans: pending unicorn fawn in the works. I hope to finish her this week. I can't promise that the title of the art won't be a pun. I can never guarantee that!

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Sneak Peak of New Cover

Okay after a way too long absense I am publishing soon-hopefully within two weeks. But you guys know how horrible I am with keeping deadlines! So let us say I will try within two weeks to publish.
Now for those of you patiently waiting for the second book in the 'Hither and Nigh Carnival' series, I hate to disappoint you, but this ain't it. Please don't throw digital rocks at me for not finishing yet! I haven't finished  because I keep rewriting it, not because I forgot it. That series is my baby and I want to write 'er right!

Anyway, enough babblings. This is the backdrop of my new serial about werewolf romance:


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