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Owl Doodle


He's a hoot isn't he? I doodled him at a community art event and had a blast eating cheese and chocolate while drawing.

Well, after roughly a million years of not blogging, I am ready to start up again because I have news...I am going to be publishing again. Whoo hoo!

But I have to tell you this ebook isn't like my other stories. I am publishing my journal that details weird paranormal events I have experienced.

So stay posted, dear readers, for updates on this next nugget!

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R. Moses The Slacker

Oh, yes, yet another confession. I haven't finished one writing or art project in the last....three months or so? I know you guys are waiting for the next book after Spurned and I keep waffling around, writing here, writing there, but never quite finishing anything enough to publish. I am very annoyed with myself for making you guys wait for the next work! I have a  list of excuses a mile and a half long for why I have not been doing my job, but all my excuses suck. And now the trampled rush known as the holiday season is upon us and my time and attention are more divided than ever! Oh NOOO!

So, yet again, I beg your continuing patience as I get my act together to get some writing or art out there! Until then,

R. Moses

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I Totally Fell Flat on My Behind terms of writing. I stopped writing after the move and I am just starting up again. I really wanted to be done with Spurned Part 2 by now and it's looking like that isn't happening for a long while, like maybe not until 2014. Ouch. I am seriously considering switching to just short stories for a little bit due to further time constraints than I had before. I have never been so very busy, which is frustrating because I still have the same amount of ideas for writing floating around in my head. I never suffer from writer's block, thank goodness, only time-management block! I wish I had a better update for you guys but I don't! I've been a slacker, I admit it. Between unpacking from the move and getting lost in our new town (even with the gps going full throttle) and my hubby's job transfer and my three year old, I fall into bed every night mumbling "....must write....need to wri-"

Then I pass out and start the whole crazy cycle over again tomorrow. Perhaps things will calm down a hundred years or so from now.


As always, thanks for you guys patience and understanding. I will try to get some decent writing out soon!

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Going on ‘Blog Vacation’ For a Couple of Weeks

I know, I know. You were expecting a unicorn sketch or a  random bit of rambling, barely incoherent writing advice. I do both weekly-normally. But this week and next week are very special because...

*drumroll please*

I am moving. Whoo hoo. If you have ever gone through the horror show that is moving, you understand why my time is scarce, my patience is short, etc. etc. etc. I am still writing mostly every day, so the next book should be out on time.

Well, I have to go pack boxes of stuff. Stuff that I don't understand why I bought it in the first place, mostly! Thanks for stopping by!


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Spurned is FINALLY Available at…

Barnes and Noble!!!! If it in itunes bookstore yet, I can't find it! I was beginning to think it would never show up at Barnes and Noble, then bam! there it was! It has already had quite a few downloads, so I hope my 'old' fans are liking it as well as 'new' fans. And of course, remember that with my series, the first taste is ALWAYS FREE! somewhere on the web. Though Amazon insists on charging for the book, everywhere else Spurned is free, including Barnes and Noble. Whoo hoo!

The second book of the "Hither and Nigh Carnival" series is well underway, like the second draft is 2/3 done. I have already gotten a few inquiries as to how many books will be in this series, and I change my mind on that...pretty much every day. Some days I feel like this is a four booker, other days it only feels like three. I am letting the story flow as it will with the hopes that that issue will resolve all by itself via magic. And I'm dying of curiosity about who everyone will love to hate in the new series! Almost everyone disliked Abira in the "Last Savior Trilogy" and loved Baphomet, so I am curious as to your reactions with my new cast of characters...feel free to leave your thoughts in a review, on Goodreads, or here at my humble internet abode.

Well, as usual, enough blathering by me! Here's the BN link:


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Black and White Sketch of a Woman

Yeah, another bit of drawing randomness from yours truly. I think it is the heat and the rain making me a little crazy!

Oh, yes, and for those of you eagerly awaiting Spurned to go live on Barnes and Noble...sigh...still no luck. The book is still pending. Gggrrrr. I got nothing, guys! Other than the encouraging news that I am writing every day in the hopes of having the second book out in August or early September. But I think we all know how fabulous I am at meeting deadlines!

So here goes a random sketch:


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Frog Prince Doodle

Another froggy doodle...I don't know if it is the constant rain 'round these here parts, or because I've been reading the frog prince story to my daughter three times a day every day for the past month or so, but I keep drawing frogs! Here is my prince, warts and all:

Frog Prince Illustration

Frog Prince Illustration

As for news on my recently released book...sigh...still pending distribution at Barnes and Noble, Apple, Sony, and Kobo. Spurned really is being spurned right now! You can still get it for free through Smashwords, though, which is a little bit of awesome, or for 3.99 at the 'zon. I shall post the moment I find out it is available elsewhere. 'Til then, toodles. Gotta go write while thunder pounds outside my window...


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Spurned (The Hither and Nigh Carnival Series) is Halfway Published

...because one of my publishers is lightning fast, and one is so, so slow. The book is available for FREE (whoo hoo) on Smashwords and at Amazon it is $3.99 (I would set it free there, but it is at Amazon's discretion, not mine). But for my fans at Barnes and Noble, Sony, Kobo, and Apple, the book is still not in those shops. It could go through three hours from now...or three weeks. Sorry about the wait!

Here's the blurb, cover and links:

Kara has one burning desire. To free her mother from slavery. But after Kara's father spurns her from his estate, brutally thrusting her into a world rife with creeping evil and dark magic, she must find a new home for safety. And she does.

At a traveling carnival, where the only work she can get is as a pickpocket, luring crowds into shows and then stealing from them. But under the bright lights and gaudy masks hide dangers far worse than Kara ever thought possible. How will she free her mother and keep herself alive?

Spurned is the first book in 'The Hither and Nigh Carnival' series.




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Zentangle Quail

This might be the most fanciful quail you have ever seen! I had a lot of fun doodling her while writing this week. Ready? Here she is:quail


Okay, now that the random doodle of the week is out of the way, let us move onto news regarding my writing. Remember how I said there was some sweet audiobookage heading your way this month? Man, it is not happening, not this month and probably not next month either. While my publishing schedule is not too far behind (more on that in a sec) the audio stuff is waaayyyy behind. Sorry, guys, but there was some poor scheduling on my part. It's a shame, too, because Keplar (my audio/tech superstar) had a soundtrack already written for A Shadow of Lilies


Now, my next book, which was promised at the end of this month, is experiencing some minor delays, which you guys who are older fans knew was coming. I try so hard to keep a production schedule up, but my three year old has other plans (that's right, I, a grown woman, am blaming my poor scheduling on a teeny tiny adorable little girl). It's nothing horrible, but between life getting in the way and general summertime craziness, early July is looking a little more likely. Sorry yet again! I am really excited to hear what my fans think of the book, and every day that publishing is delayed is another day I will not get your thoughts back on the book.

So what else is going on? Hmmm, I have been getting more questions from fans who are aspiring authors, and I have been giving very, very general advice on how to get started via Heinlein's rules of writing. The last rule of his is simply this: You must put your story on the market. Back when he was writing, that meant submitting your work over and over again to different publishers. From what he claimed, the day he got a rejection of one of his stories, he would send it right back out to another potential publisher. Now, if you are interested in traditional publishing, this is pretty much still good advice.

However, if you have been consulting at the oracle of 'R. Moses' for a glimpse of your author future, you know I am indie published and plan to stay that way unless a publisher backs up a truck full of money and unloads those bales of greenbacks into my secret vault.

Yeah, don't see that happening anytime soon.

So, how does Heinlein's classic advice work in the modern world of indie publishing? It works brilliantly! One of the most beautiful aspects of independent publishing is that once you put your ebook on the market, it stays there unless you remove it (or if you have a dispute with your distributor and they remove it, a common occurrence with erotic works especially, though anyone can be bitten by this snake). And if you take the extra step and have your book signed up for print on demand distribution, then your fans can order paperbacks of your work and the book is not printed until they order it. Whoo hoo! So, yeah, once you submit it to the market, you can move on...hopefully to your next bit of writing. Keeping your work on the market is pretty vital to getting sales, and that aspect of writing is so much easier than it was in Heinlein's day.

So good luck, keep writing, keep reading, and have a great week!


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Red Carnival Mask

Oh, here we are again, my lovelies. It is Monday, which means it is time for me to update ye old blog. Not too much craziness happening this week other than the first stage of the cover is complete. I thought you guys might want to see the mask design I am using for the book cover, so here goes:

red carnival mask

red carnival mask

It's in 'raw form,' which is to say it has not been 'prettied up' with graphic design tweaks yet. But I think you get the idea of where this is heading.

The next order of business is the rules of writing, which I have been posting about for the last three weeks. The fourth 'rule' is that you must put your work on the market in order to succeed as a writer. Once again, I know that sounds really 'duh' but aspiring writers will go to amazing lengths of denial and avoidance so that no one else may view their works. The excuses range from 'one more polish' to 'I don't know how to submit a manuscript' or 'I don't know how to format an ebook.'

So why do aspiring writers not put their work out there? Fear, of course. Fear of rejection, fear of ridicule, fear of this and fear of that, fear that grandma will read your stories and be appalled with the cursing...

So let me tell you a little secret. Gather close, now. The secret is this: Someone, or quite possibly several someones, will hate your work. They will loathe it. They will dump a heap of one star reviews on you, say it is the worst book ever, so on and so forth. They will curse the day your mother birthed you into this world. You know what I say to that?

Let the haters hate. Let 'em. Meanwhile, you have moved past the fear and put your very best work on the market, and you keep writing and keep honing your craft and business skills. And that is the secret-acknowledge that no matter how good your work is, someone is going to hate it. Deal with that reality, know the one stars are coming, and move on.  It's just part of creating something and presenting it to the public. But you know what? Someone else is going to love it. And for further moral boosting, go look at the reviews of your favorite book. It almost certainly has loads of bad reviews.

I would like to make a special note, though. Many low star reviews are valid, and are giving you valuable feedback. If you keep getting reviews saying your grammar/editing is poor, or that your plot does not make sense, then you really need to take a hard look at the problems being mentioned, preferably with a person in your life you can trust. If you cannot afford a freelance editor's charges, then find someone to help you. Another set of eyeballs can catch loads of problems that you never saw. I know this is not the first time I have mentioned this, but a trusted person who can objectively look over your work is priceless. Cherish this person, because it is a very hard thing to tell someone the work they created and loved has flaws.

Well, enough preaching at you guys. Go on, get off this rambling blog and write or read. No more to see here!


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